She is the one who, in her early childhood, received an authentic gift that came from the sky.

Upon her birth nothing suggested for a moment that the little girl her modest family had dreamed of would one day develop extra-sensory powers so strong as to make her one of the 5 greatest seers in the world.

Contrary to the rule of lineage that this kind of power is passed down the family line over centuries, nothing like that was ever found in the line of her ancestors.

At the age of eight, little Diana had to undergo extremely urgent surgery for acute appendicitis with an almost lethal peritonitis following which she was in a coma for several hours. It was during this tragic time, as she later recounted, that a shining white shape appeared to her in a vision three times. In the first two appearances the mysterious shape remained still and silent. But in the third appearance, Diana saw two smiling bright eyes and a smiling mouth appear tenderly looking at her and that at one point whispered to her "I'd love to have you here with me, but you're too valuable there where you are now. Let all those who suffer know that I entrust you with the gift of comfor; all those who doubt, that I entrust you with the gift of truth; all those who are oppressed, that I entrust you with the gift of justice. Very soon everyone will know that I have given you the gift of Happiness."

Having become aware of the powers she received in those highly dramatic moments, Diana has never stopped freeing people from their anxieties, giving them hope, luck, happiness and wealth where they had been totally unknown.

Today, considered one of the five world visionaries with the strongest and most beneficial psychic powers, Diana is a founder member of the Magic Circle of Kama, an Occult club that brings together the mediums who are most powerful and show most generosity toward others.

This is their only Objective

To put their powers in the service of those in genuine difficulty and who appeal to them to find love, luck, wealth and happiness. In short, the true joy of living!

It aims to help all those who are in need and in financial difficulties, all those who really want to take action to get out of their rut, all those who believe that fortune exists and that you can influence your own destiny to orient it towards success, all those whose future is uncertain and who are willing to trust so as to get the best life has to offer.

Thanks to Diana, you'll learn when your Personal Vibration will be in harmony with certain "Favorable Climates" shown in your FREE FORTUNE TELLING that can really transform your life. These dates obviously correspond with the "VIBRATION Numbers" that are personal and especially selected by Diana for you.

Diana offers you your best and perhaps the only chance in your life to find True Fortune thanks to the help of her prodigious powers.